Bwindi Gorilla Families

In Bwindi currently are 12 gorilla groups hence increased chances for tracking among the tourist community across the globe. Each of these groups permit one group of tourists comprising of eight members per day to avoid compromising government’s sustainability efforts.  
The gorilla groups are located in Buhoma, Ruhiija, Rushaga & Nkuringo. In Buhoma are: Mubare family, Habinyanja family & Rushegura family. In Ruhiija are: Bitukura family, Oruzogo family & Kyaguriro family. In Rushaga are: Nshongi, Mishaya, Kahungye, Bweza & Busingye. Nkuringo has only one gorilla family


There are three families for the Buhoma group which vary in both size and composition. Feel free ti suggest a family of your preferance. Note that you have to book and pay early enough to enable us secure you a permit as Buhoma is very competetive and permits get finished faster.


  1. Bitukura: The family is made up of 14 members with four silverbacks. The family is named after River Bitukura – a place where they were first sighted. It ia one of the groups that took a short habituation period due to the fact that they had always encountered UWA rangers way before decision to habituate them. They are peaceful members and the juveniles are interestingly prayerful


  1. Nshongi: The family is composed of 18 members with three silverbacks. It derives its name from Nshongi River where the group was first spotted. Nshongi is a rukiga word meaning the liquid honey as if flows from the honeycomb to signify the deep color of the Nshongi river waters. This family was one of the biggest ever habituated with 36 members in 2009. However overtime, it has split about thrice with some members leaving to join other groups while new members also join from either the wild or other groups.


  1. Nkuringo: The Nkuringo trek is one of the most challenging yet rewarding experiences. The family is made up of 19 members among which two (2) silverbacks. Initially, there were three silverbacks with Nkuringo as the head but he passed away in 2008 leaving two silverbacks Safari and Rafiki. Safari took up leadership of the family.