People, Places & Culture


The Equator

The Equator  Uganda is located astride the Equator. This ensures a conducive climate throughout the year. During your travel across the country, you will have an opportunity to see the equator line and even in both the northern and southern hemisphere at the same time. 

Kabaka’s lake

Kabaka’s lake: This is a man-made lake believed to have been created by the Kabaka Mwanga II of Buganda between 1885 - 1886. He intended to have a wide channel that would connect to Lake Victoria to enable him move with ease to the lake for swimming, fishing and also go to another palace that he had constructed at Mulungu near Lake Victoria. 


Mbarara is in the heart of Ankole region. The inhabitants are called Banyankore and they speak Runyankore. Common in this community is the popular long horned cattle, and most milk, diary and beef products in Uganda come from this region. They are also vast matooke plantations. It is home to Lake Mburo National Park and as you travel past the park, you will be amazed to find local cattle grazing with zebras! In Mbarara lies Igongo cultural center also called Igongo cultural village.

Cultural Encounters in Kibale National Park

In the neighborhood of Kibale forest national park are two tribes known as the Batooro and Bakiga. Batooro are the indigenous tribe hence occupy the largest portion of the land while the Bakiga are minority immigrants from Kigezi - South Western Uganda. Both tribes depend on the Park to extract medicinal plants, materials for making crafts, firewood and honey.  The two tribes have diverse cultural beliefs, norms and practices, dances, music, folktale which you can enjoy through a cultural encounter. Add this to your itinerary!!


Bwindi Impenetrable forest National Park is habitat to the biggest number of the world’s endangered Mountain Gorillas. Plenty of other primates and bird species reside in this rich forest.  The Batwa people are said to have been residents of the forest. They lived at peace with it plus all other inhabitants.  They lived in and depended on the forest for food, medicine, shelter, honey, name it.