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This trek takes you to one of the oldest volcanic mountains in Africa. With its highest peak, Wagagai, at 4,321m high, Mount Elgon's major features are: plethora of waterfalls, hot springs and the world’s largest caldera extending up to 8 kilometers in diameter. Climbing Mt. Elgon is best done during the dry months of June to August, then December to February. However, other months are also manageable.


Day 1. Kampala - Mt Elgon

  • Wake up very early for an early morning breakfast
  • Briefing from your guide.
  • Afterwards drive eastwards to Sipi Falls on the slope of Mount Elgon.
  • Start for Jinja, via Mukono and through Mabira Forest, stop at Namawojolo market and buy some eats  
  • Proceed to Jinja passing the Owen Falls Dam, pay a brief visit to the Source of River Nile.
  • Continue to Mbale Mt. Elgon Park Headquarters and finalize trekking arrangements for the next day.
  • You will be briefed more about the Park, learn more by studying the map of the park, trails. You may buy yourself souvenirs and postcards.
  • Continue to Sipi Falls Rest Camp for dinner and overnight stay. In the evening, you could take an excursion to the bottom of the Sipi Falls. Elevation of 1770m.

Day 2.  Piswa Patrol Camp (2850m).

  • After an early breakfast drive on murram roads to Kapkwata (2190m).
  • At this ranger station meet the rangers and porters and start to hike the Piswa Trail.
  • Take a gentle climb through a cultivated area until you reach the Park with its Podocarpus forest, dotted with a large host of monkeys and birds.

Day 3.   Hunters Cave (3870m).

  • Take an early breakfast
  • Start the long, steep climb to Hunters Cave located below the rim of the caldera
  •  Set up the tents and enjoy beautiful landscape covered with giant groundsels.
  • After dinner enjoy stars and particularly Milky Way is nicely visible.
  • You will enjoy a cold, freezing night at times with temperatures below freezing point.

Day 4. Mude Cave Camp (3500m).

  • Short climb to the rim of the caldera and enjoy its magnificent view
  • On a clear day, all the highest peaks on the Uganda/Kenya border may be seen
  • Trek through a boggy area within the crater- covered with many streams and rivers
  • Continue your trek to the hot springs, end point on the side of the Kenyan border
  • Endeavor to relax your feet in the warm water at 48o C - before you join Sasa Trail through the middle of the giant caldera
  • Enjoy the volcanic landscape and thousands of giant groundsels
  • Reach the southwest rim of the exhilarating caldera and descend to Mude Cave Camp for overnight  

Day 5. Sasa River Camp (2900m).

  • Start after an early breakfast back up to the mountain.
  • Be careful to take only a small back-pack!
  • After a short climb trek directly to Wagagai Peak (4321m)
  •  Enjoy the beautiful view from the top, particularly of crater and the Kenyan side of the mountain
  •  For those who do not wish to climb Jackson Summit, they can have a restful day walking from Wagagai Peak back to Mude Camp and on to Sasa River Camp
  • For those who can, climb Jackson Summit (4165m)
  • This last section is rather steep, ropes and crampons may be required for climbing over loose, huge rocks
  • Return on a straight trail to Mude Cave Camp, collect equipment left there
  • Descend to Sasa River Camp, directly overlooking the Sasa River in the middle of the luxuriant afro-montane forest.
  • The trail down can be muddy and slippery so you need to be well-balanced!

Day 6.  Budadiri Ranger Station (1250m)

  • Take a long, steep and very slippery way downhill, passing the "Wall of Death".
  • At a distance, view the beautiful terraced hills surrounding the mountain.
  • Walk through villages and shambas, as locals waving you on
  • Proceed to Budadiri Ranger Station (1250m)
  • Drive to either Mbale Resort Hotel or Sipi River Lodge for lunch
  • Relax the entire afternoon and spend overnight

Day 7. Kampala

  • Depart after your breakfast and head for Kampala
  • Visit Bujagali Falls on the other end of the Nile on your way
  •  Arrive Kampala in midafternoon and transfer to the airport in time for your flight