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The climb of this great mountain is challenging and memorable. While on top you are able to have a fantastic view of the thick green Congo forests. The hike will take you 11 days.


Day 1: Kampala – Kasese

  • After your early morning breakfast, set off for Kasese
  • Stop over at the equator for the dream experience of crossing from one hemisphere to another
  • Proceed for lunch at Lake View regency hotel in Mbarara town
  • Continue to kasese and have your dinener and overnight at hotel Margherita

Day 2: Kasese – Rwenzori

  • After an early breakfast, have an early morning start to the Park headquarters and Rwenzori mountaineering services at the foot of the mountain at Nyakalengija
  • Clear with the park, get accorded with porters & guides and also hire climbing equipment
  • Leave nyakalengija for Nyabitaba. This will take you about 5-7 hours and gain an elevation of 4000ft.
  • Start hiking headed for the park boundary. You will walk past the mud & wattle Bakonjo homesteads
  • The trail follows river Mubuku, as it crosses landslides. This will involve climbing over rocks and bluff, then you reach Mahoma River.
  • After crossing, head for a steep and also see black, white colubus and blue monkeys behind your hut.
  • This trip enables you hear chimpanzees and also see black, white colubus and blue monkeys. You may also see some birds especially the bright colored Rwenzori Turaco.

Day 3: Nyabitaba – John Matte (7 hrs, elevation: 3000ft)

  • After breakfast, leave Nyabitaba and take the trail leading westward dropping steeply to Kurt Shaffer Bridge that crosses below the confluence of the Bujuku and Mubuku rivers.
  • From here, start to climb anti-clockwise through a muddy – slippery trail characterized by bamboo forest
  • You will then pass through the zone characterized by the giant lobelia and groundsel vegetation - only found in high altitude African mountains. The pass reaches you Nyamaleju hut with its supplementary rock shelter
  • Continue through a rewarding bog to your hut at John Matte

Day 4: John Matte – Lake Bujuku (3 hrs, elevation of 1800ft)

  • After a heavy breakfast, depart for Bujuku
  • Crossing river Bujuke ushers you into the lower Bigo bog where you will be engaged in jumping from tussock to tussock!!
  • Take your lunch at the upper end of the bog
  • Finally, you will climb on dry land crossing the river then reach Lake Bujuku
  • At lake Bujuku, you will be in position to see Mt. baker to the south, Mt. Stanley to the west and Speke to the North.

Day 5: Lake Bujuku – Elena hut (3-5 hrs, elevation of 4900ft)

  • Have your breakfast early enough to allow ample time for an early start
  • Leave Bujuku using a new trail which rises and falls twice and then climbs steeply through the moss draped Groundsel vegetation up to Scott Elliot pass
  • After the short strong ladder, take the right hand branch leading you to Elena Hut
  • Elena hut is base for climbing the Margerita peak within Mt. Stanley complex

Day 6: Elena – Margherita peak

  • After breakfast, climb to Margherita peak – the highest within the Rwenzori reaching an elevation of 5109ft!
  • It’s a challenging adventure involving climbing glaciers, putting on warm clothing. On this trip, crampons and ropes are essential.
  • There you are! Take a rest as you marvel at this specious beauty and take photographs
  • Slope to Lake Kitandara hut (4023m) through the Scott Elliot pass with good view of Lake Bujuku, Mt. Speke, then bypass Mt. Stanley to Lake Kitandara

Day 7: Lake Kitandara – Guy Yeaman

  • Set off early for the steep long climb to the freshfield pass
  • Here, you will have good views into the Democratic republic of Congo (DRC). Margherita and it’s glaciers dominate the area
  • The rain and mist make the trip challenging but finally reaches you Guy Yeaman hut (3261m)

Day 8: Guy Yeaman – Nyabitaba

  • Set off early for Nyabitaba to avoid reaching late
  • It is quite a difficult pass – muddy, steep and sliperly. You are advised to descend facing the slope
  • Break off and spend a night at Nyabitaba

Day 9: Nyabitaba – Nyakalejinya

  • Descend to Nyakalejinga Park Headquarters
  • Drive to Kasese for lunch at hotel Margherita
  • Evening drive to Mweya Safari Lodge  for an overnight

Day 10: Queen Elizabeth National Park

  • Wake up very early and take a morning game drive
  • Return to hotel for breakfast
  • Early afternoon, take a boat cruise on Kazinga channel
  • Return to hotel for lunch and relaxation
  • Relax in the evening and spend overnight at Mweya Safri Lodge

Day 11: Queen Elizabeth – Kampala

  • Have an early breakfast
  • Head for Maramagambo forest for chimp tracking
  • Visit the bat cave
  • You may also view the blue lake – the only one of its kind on planet earth!
  • Drive to Mbarara for lunch
  • Continue and arrive in Kampala in the evening.